About The Company

Headquartered in Jakarta, BlockchainWorks is a Consulting and Software Development company that focuses on developing Applied Blockchain for Enterprises.

We are a Team of Blockchain Developers with full stack expertise from smart contract development, graphql back-end, web/mobile front-end and UI/UX design.

At higher management level, each project will be guided by our Blockchain Consultants and Project Managers with decades of experience.

In 2020, BlockchainWorks has become an Official Partner of
PT. Telkom Indonesia the largest telecommunications company in Indonesia and
Consensys the world's leading Blockchain software company

Partners and Clients

Proof-of-Concept Development Services



The length of the development process will depend on the POC scope presented in the
requirement analysis / usecase verification stage

Our Process

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  • 01. Blockchain 101 Sharing Session

    free sharing session contains an explanation of the basic concepts of blockchain
    and examples of real-world applications

  • 02. Requirement and Use Case Verification

    not all processes within the company are suitable for using blockchain so at this step we do a brainstorm about current processes and which parts are suitable for implementing blockchain to increase efficiency

  • 03. Solution Design

    After obtaining the appropriate use case, in this step the solution architecture design is carried out, including the selection of protocol, infrastructure design, token economics and the overall process

  • 04. Development

    UI/UX design, front-end web/mobile development, back-end and smart contract development followed by unit testing and system integration testing by developers

  • 05. Audit and Testing

    Performance Testing and Tuning, System Penetration Testing and Smartcontract Audits
    Acceptance Testing by representative of End-users

  • 06. Implementation

    Train The Trainers, Deployments to Production/Mainnet environment, Dress Rehearsal and Go Live

Our Products